Servo Motors and Conveyor Belts

We all know that servo motors revolutionized manufacturing. Just take a look around any factory that uses industrial robots and you can see evidence of that. But servo motors changed the game for manufacturing before industrial robots became standard in plants, too. Anyone who is familiar with Henry Ford’s contributions to manufacturing understand the importance of the conveyor belt. Take away servo motors and belt conveyor systems would not exist.

Servo motors and conveyor belts make factories safer and more efficient, and they make the work easier. Conveyor belts are also used to improve or facilitate many other processes outside of  the factory.

Servo motors and conveyor belts benefit manufacturing

Because of servo motors and conveyor belts manufacturers have a simple, versatile, and inexpensive way to improve processes. A conveyor belt is the part of the conveyor system that moves the load. The belt loops around two drums, or pulleys. At least one of the drums is powered – and sometimes both drums are powered – by an electrical servo motor. The powered drum is the known as the drive pulley.

Before conveyor belts, people had to carry parts or materials through factories. This was time-consuming and inefficient. Plus, products could get damaged in the process through mishandling, and workers could get injured.

When you spend time around advanced industrial motion control systems, it’s sometimes easy to forget that belt conveyor systems are a type of automation. Any time that you can automate a task you increase efficiency and reduce costs. Automating simple, mundane tasks also allows workers to focus on tasks more worthwhile than carrying a heavy box of wrenches from point A to point B.

Conveyor belts are a labor saving system. Workers have to carry less, and cover less distance. They also help increase production and distribution in factories, decrease expenses, and increase profits.

Conveyor belt applications

Here are a few things that would look quite different without servo motors and conveyor belts.


Sushi restaurants





Grocery stores

Post offices (sorting)

Airports (baggage handling and moving walkways)

Pharmaceutical plants



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