Can You Save Money Buying Indramat on eBay?

Buying Indramat on eBay

You can find thousands of legacy Indramat products on eBay, but should you buy one of them for your motion control system?

There are two main reasons why people look for Indramat products on eBay:

  1. They don’t know where else to find discontinued Indramat drives, motors, and controls.
  2. They think they can get a nice price.

We have the nation’s largest supply of emergency replacement units for Indramat systems, and we can arrange a factory repair that has your restored unit back to your factory within 24 hours.

But can you save money buying Indramat on eBay? Possibly. Indramat products are being sold from $150 to $30,000 or more right now on eBay, so you might get a bargain.

Then again, you might not.

Indramat doesn’t sell to third parties

Bosch Rexroth (the company that owns Indramat) doesn’t sell parts to third parties, so the products you buy on eBay will be used and “as-is,” not factory refurbished.

Where do eBay Indramat items come from? Often, they’ll be from a company that has tanked and been liquidated. Maintenance may have been the last thing on their minds.

A surprising number of listings claim the parts are new and still in the box. Given that Indramat has not made new parts for a couple of decades, we’re a little skeptical.

Little control over quality control

Many eBay sellers are honest and give their best description for the drives, controls, and motors they’re selling. Others say they will replace the item if it doesn’t work, but you have to wonder what they mean by “doesn’t work.” Some items are listed with a “Not Specified” condition.

The point is that it’s difficult to know exaclty what you’re getting when you buy Indramat on eBay.

A lack of support

At best, you get a 30-day warranty from the vendor; often you don’t get a warranty at all. Indramat components can last for 30 years. Do you think you’ll know at 30 days whether you’re getting a part that will fail prematurely?

Also eBay sellers aren’t Indramat experts. They’re just selling the hardware. What about the firmware? It might be missing or unusable. That vendor won’t be able to help you.

Things to consider before buying Indramat on eBay

Before you buy Indramat on eBay you should also consider whether you will be able to install and configure it. You may be imagining that you can pull the old Indramat drive or servomotor out, pop in the replacement, and Bob’s your uncle.

It’s not always that easy, though. Depending on the part you are planning to replace, it can be a lot more complicated than that.

Do you have someone on board who knows Indramat motion control well? If not, you could end up with a very pricey item that will do nothing more than prop open a door. If your company relies on Indramat motion control, it may not be worth the risk.

There’s also the risk that you purchase a unit that won’t work properly. This can cause additional damage to your motion control system.

Really, buying Indramat on eBay is a penny wise and pound-foolish decision. You don’t always save money buying a cheaper drive or motor. Call 479-422-0390 for professional Indramat support.