Is It Time to Trade Your Robot In For a Human?

For decades, or centuries, there’s been much discussion and lamentation about the inevitable disappearance of the factory worker. Why would jobs in manufacturing disappear? Robots, of course. Here’s how the cycle goes:

  • Improvement in manufacturing technology
  • Predictions of mass unemployment
  • People still work in manufacturing
  • Some say that the coast is clear and others say that doomsday is just delayed
  • Repeat

We’re at the point in the cycle where some people are saying that the coast is clear, and that humans are more important in manufacturing than machines. Some are dismissing the idea that machines are replacing human workers in manufacturing, and others view incidents where factories hiring more humans and retiring machines as proof that robots have had their 15 minutes of fame.

Simply put, machines do affect manufacturing

There’s no denying that automation affects manufacturing employment, but history has shown us that people will continue to find ways to work in the manufacturing industry. Industrial robots and factory machines haven’t eliminated jobs, they’ve created new jobs, and moved humans to more meaningful types of work.

Humans still do almost 3/4 of the work in manufacturing. According to a recent study, 72% of the tasks in manufacturing are done by people rather than machines. This doesn’t mean that humans are more important than factory machines, though.

Manufacturing, now and in the foreseeable future, depends on both man and machine. Is it possible that technology will advance to the point where humans are no longer needed in manufacturing? Perhaps, although history doesn’t indicate that this will be the case. Is it possible that manufacturing will revert back to depend on manual labor? Almost certainly not.

Look towards the future and keep your servos running smoothly

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