Robots Make Their Way to Lowe’s

Robots are now lending a hand in the home improvement department. Lowe’s will be introducing the “LoweBot” in a few of its stores later this month. The robot has proven to be beneficial for retailers, employees, and consumers alike. Lowe’s is now hoping that these robots will further improve the shopping experience, aid employees, and help inform business decisions.

Where can I find LoweBot?

According to Yahoo, Lowe’s will deploy the LoweBot in 11 stores across the San Fransisco Bay area. The robot had a successful two-year test run at the company’s Orchard Supply Hardware store in San Jose , and is now ready for the big league.

What does LoweBot do?

The LoweBot is designed to benefit both customers and employees. A clear advantage to the LoweBot is its ability to help customers navigate stores and find items.Not only is this novel and convenient for customers, it frees up employees to focus on the customers requiring more expertise. It can also help employees by scanning items and checking inventory. The Lowe-Bot will also help identify purchasing patterns, which could help inform business decisions.

How will LoweBot be received?

How you feel about the Lowe’s robot will probably depend on how you view home repairs.

For those who love doing home repairs – the people who think of meandering through the home improvement store and chatting with the employees as a fun way to spend a Friday night – the LoweBot may be a bit of a disappointment. You’re not supposed to be able to find exactly what you’re looking for without speaking to another person face to face, right?

However, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t understand how there could be a whole aisle dedicated to nails and screws, and you’re beginning to regret this whole DIY thing, a robot in the lumber aisle might just be your dream come true.

What do you think about Lowe’s new robot?