Robots Continue to Benefit from Pandemic

After decades of foot-dragging among brands hesitant to leap into Industry 4.0 and increased automation, the pandemic pushed an amazing number of manufacturers over the edge. First came robots that could work closely together without fear of contagion, then automation increased contactless delivery. As the pandemic settled and people came out of quarantine, labor shortages and rising wages made automation even more appealing.

Robots to the rescue

Many industries are using robots to fill in for employees who are unable to work due to the pandemic and to fill in for those who took part in the Great Resignation.

Hospitals are using robots to dispense medication and clean rooms. Disinfecting robots keep airports and office buildings clean and limit the spread of viruses. Retail companies are using robots to stock shelves and fulfill online orders, as well as cleaning. Restaurants have robots taking orders and delivering food.

You could say that robots are helping keep people safe and healthy during the pandemic

Robots have also been one of the big beneficiaries of the pandemic, as factories have looked to automate more of their operations. This trend is likely to continue, as manufacturers seek to reduce their dependence on human workers. Industrial automation service providers like ourselves are in a great position to help companies make this transition.

Indramat to the rescue

Our typical client has had an Indramat drive, control, or servo motor in place and working for decades. Often the Indramat motion control system has been there longer than most of the engineers. But a remanufactured Indramat unit can be a good and cost-effective choice even if you’re just now getting to the party.

Indramat REMAN is just as good as new, and often more affordable. There’s a reason so many factories, printers, and shops continue to use Indramat motion control It’s just that good.

If you need service or support for Indramat systems, call us first. We’re Indramat specialist with extensive experience.