Replacing Indramat Components

A faulty drive controller, motor, or power supply will bring your entire motion control system to a screeching halt. Fortunately, Indramat’s modular design makes swapping out components a breeze. Here’s some information that you may find useful when it comes to replacing Indramat components.

Replacing Indramat components is easy.

One of the benefits of Indramat motion control systems is that you can swap out components quickly and easily. This significantly reduces downtime. If you have a problem with your drive or power supply, you can pop in a replacement Indramat unit while you get yours fixed.

Exchanging Indramat components is a seamless transition. That is, assuming you can find replacement units. Legacy components are often difficult to find. The good news is that we have the nation’s largest supply of emergency replacement units for Indramat motion control systems.

It’s important to have some information handy when it’s time to replace your motion control products.

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Power supply modules

You need the type designation and serial number of your power supply module. You can find this information on the type plate located on the top side of the front edge of the housing.

Drive controllers

There are three different type plates with important information on the drive controller. To get a replacement Indramat drive controller you need the type designation, the serial number, and the firmware type designation.


For a replacement servo motor locate the type plate near the junction box or power connector. You need the type designation and the serial number of your Indramat motor to request a replacement.


Finding this information is pretty straight forward. Once you locate the type plates you should have all of the information you need. Of course if you have difficulty tracking down any information, we’re happy to help you find it. We are Indramat specialists. Contact us for replacement Indramat units, factory repair, reman, help troubleshooting Indramat fault codes, or any of your Indramat needs. Call 479-422-0390 today.