Real AI Risks

You’re aware of the benefits of artificial intelligence. AI means automation, and automation makes our lives easier, more efficient, more productive, and all around better. Artificial intelligence can help improve the quality, speed, and accuracy of research in medicine and science. It can help us manage our time, and take care of every day household tasks. It opens the door for new types of work, new ways to solve problems, and new technologies. AI can also help us make better business decisions.

While there are clear benefits of artificial intelligence, it’s important to recognize AI risks as well; not the sci-fi predictions where AI takes over the world, though. Some people really do worry about the “existential risk from artificial intelligence“, but there are more pressing issues to consider. What are the real-life AI risks that could affect you in the near future?

Are there any real risks with artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence and automation – like many other tools – can be used for good or bad. Understanding the potential risks can help keep us safe.

There’s growing concern about the use of artificial intelligence in killer robots. Machines carry out commands without question. There’s no deliberation, no sense of right and wrong, and no empathy. Drones and weaponry aren’t the main use for AI, but when life is literally in the balance, it’s one of the most important topics.

People worry that artificial intelligence could make it easier for scammers, hackers, and cyber criminals to access private information. AI could help create realistic emails that use phrases and speech patterns of your boss, family, or friends to phish for information. Improved AI also increase the number of people that hackers can target as well as the capabilities of malware. Hackers can find the weak spots faster and more efficiently.

Echo chambers, where people only find information that resonates with their beliefs, are another risk of AI. If divisiveness isn’t intensifying, it’s at least becoming less veiled. Even something as seemingly harmless and convenient as a news aggregator can shape how people view the world. AI can manipulate beliefs and world views, and it can even be used to intentionally trick people.

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