Prepare Your Servos For Hot Weather While It’s Still Cool

Cold weather makes you think of mittens, scarves, and cups of hot chocolate. You’re not thinking of overtemperature warnings and overheating motor shutdowns when it’s cold outside, but that’s exactly when you should prepare your servos for the hot days ahead. Warm weather will be upon you before you know it, and it will bring a plague of overheating faults and error codes if you’re not ready.

Heat and servos don’t mix

You don’t wait to fix a leaky roof until a rainstorm. You get out and make your repair on a nice sunny day. The same applies for your motion control system. Don’t wait until the first heat wave to fix your machinery.

Hot weather can cause servo motors to throw fits, especially if they aren’t in good condition, or if you are unable to control the climate of your system.

You want to prepare your servos for high ambient temperatures before the temperature becomes an issue.  Preparing your servos can help prevent the need to repair a problem in the future.

Prepare your servos for hot weather

Don’t rely on the DIY servo cooling that got you through the tail end of last summer to get you through this summer. Check blowers and fans to make sure they are working properly and in good condition. Make sure that the climate control cabinet is still functioning.

The only thing worse than unscheduled downtime is knowing that you could have prevented that downtime. Maintenance and inspection are two simple and effective ways to reduce the amount of downtime in your plant.

We offer preventive inspection and maintenance for Indramat systems.

Need an Indramat repair?

Maintenance and inspection can only do so much. Not all servo motor faults, errors, or malfunctions can be prevented. Making proper repairs when they are needed can prevent further damage to your machinery and save money.

We can help provide the fastest Indramat servo repair available. Indramat factory repair is the only option when you need your servo motors, drives, controls fixed. Contact us or call 479-422-0390 today.