Olympics 2022 Robots

The pandemic gave robots a boost in a variety of industries, prompting manufacturers to take the plunge into greater automation and encouraging hands-free service far beyond manufacturing.

The pandemic has also ramped up robot usage at the Olympics. A health checking robot greets visitors and — in two seconds — checks health metrics and vaccination records before allowing entry. Additional health checking robots can sidle up to people and check their temperatures. If they meet a feverish spectator, the robots alert monitors who recheck their temperatures and send them to talk with medical professionals if necessary.

Food service robots have been showing up sporadically all over the world, but the Olympics restaurant is succeeding with robotic chefs and special food delivery systems that minimize human contact. They are cooking up a wide range of dishes, from traditional Chinese food to special menus for people with dietary restrictions. They’re even shaking up cocktails and coffee drinks.

Robots are doing the cleaning, too, including ultraviolet light disinfecting. The trash cans are robotic

For the athletes

Smart beds measure basic health metrics for athletes. They also have access to sleep pod with disposable sheets when they want a nap.

Robots provide contact-free room service and translations. They are enforcing social distancing, too.

With 1.2 million people to test and take care of, Beijing has only had 500 cases of COVID-19. The robots are helping to ensure that the Olympics do not become a super-spreader event.

They’re also helping China show off their robotics skills.