The Truth About New Indramat Servos

Looking for brand new Indramat servos? Well then brace yourself for some bad news. Indramat servos haven’t been made under that name since 2001. While “new” is a relative term, it’s more than a stretch to call anything that’s at least 20 years old “new”. That is to say, you should be wary of anyone trying to sell you a new Indramat servo.

Does that mean you should walk away from your Indramat system because it’s a legacy system? Not at all.

Finding new Indramat servos just doesn’t happen. Getting your hands on an Indramat servo motor that runs like new, however, is much easier.

New Indramat servos don’t exist.

Servo motors with the Indramat name stamped on them are old. There’s no way around that. They haven’t been produced new in almost two decades, and to call any Indramat servo new is a little dodgy.

Never before used? Still in the box?



Not really.

Revitalize your servos

While you can’t get a new Indramat servo without a time machine, you can get an Indramat servo that runs like it did when it was brand new.

Factory repaired servos or remanufactured servos are just like new Indramat servos. You even get a new warranty with your remanufactured or factory repaired servo.

Remanufacturing includes replacement of all wearing parts and thorough testing. A remanufactured Indramat unit is held to the same quality standards as it was when it first left the Indramat factory with a head full of dreams and stars in its eyes.

We can even send an emergency replacement unit your way to keep your system operating while your servo gets pampered.

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Whether you’re looking for a reman or factory repair to get your servos working like new, or you just need help getting rid of a stubborn error code, we can help. Call today for any of your Indramat needs.