Moving Indramat Machinery

You’re expanding your factory, moving operations to another city, or maybe you just read a book on feng shui and you’re improving the flow on the plant floor. Moving Indramat machinery isn’t as simple as moving your living room furniture, though. You, of course, have to protect your motion control system from damage during the move, but sometimes moving your industrial motion control system can lead to error codes.

It’s not unusual to see error codes generate after moving Indramat machinery. Here are some things that can affect your system after a move.

Changes in elevation

Elevation and air density can affect your industrial motion control system. Higher elevations have thinner, less dense air than lower elevations. This means that servos can dissipate heat better at lower elevations. Even slight changes in elevation can influence your system, but be especially mindful when making big changes in elevation.

Changes in climate

Again, big changes in your outdoor temperature and humidity levels can affect your motion control system. You’re going to feel the difference between Phoenix, Arizona, and Buffalo, New York, and so will your servos. Ideally, you keep your servos in an air-conditioned cabinet, which can help with the change in environment.

Damaged cables

You know how things are never damaged, broken, or mishandled during a move? It’s possible that your cables can be damaged during the move, even if you or your movers are being especially careful. Fortunately, replacing Indramat cables is a simple fix. Trouble can arise when you don’t think of checking the cables, though.


Properly reconnect all drives, controls, and motors. Loose connections can generate fault codes. If you need a manual to get this done correctly, you can request an original manual from us. Chances are it will be hard to find the one that came with your machinery in the first place.


Sometimes all it takes to clear a fault code after moving Indramat machinery is hitting the S1 reset button. Most fault codes require a reset even after the error is cleared. Just be sure you’ve actually fixed the problem. Telling the machine that the error is cleared when it really isn’t won’t solve your problem.

Still not sure what the problem is?

You’ve checked all the boxes and your system’s still throwing a fit. It could be that the error isn’t related to the move. Call 479-422-0390 or contact us for immediate Indramat support.