Most Common Indramat Legacy Components

Some Indramat parts are harder to find than others. Indramat legacy components are no longer made, which means that availability and quality can vary greatly depending on where you try to get your products. Indramat doesn’t sell original manufacturer parts to third parties. This means that if you’re looking for an Indramat legacy motor or drive, you don’t want to roll the dice on an eBay vendor.

If you ever need a replacement unit, a factory reman, or any Indramat support, we’re the people to call. Here’s a look at some of the most commonly requested Indramat legacy components.

MKE motors

The MKE family of servo motors from Indramat is built to handle just about anything you throw its way. Protected by a fully enclosed and flameproof housing, and equipped with brushless motors and lifetime lubricated bearings, MKE motors provide unrivaled reliability with practically no maintenance. The capabilities and durability of the MKE series makes it a popular option for Indramat systems.

MKD motors

Indramat MKD synchronous AC motors come five main rotor diameters.

  • MKD025
  • MKD041
  • MKD071
  • MKD090
  • MKD112

Each of these motor types have several more motor options to choose from. MKD series motors are compatible with Indramat DDS, DKS, DKC, HDS, and HDD drives.

MDD motors

This is another popular synchronous AC motor from Indramat. Indramat offers nine different rotor diameters for the MDD motor series.

  • MDD021
  • MDD025
  • MDD041
  • MDD065
  • MDD071
  • MDD090
  • MDD093
  • MDD112
  • MDD115

As with other Indramat servo motors, there are several different options for each of these rotor diameters to suit the specific needs of the system.


Legacy components aren’t always easy to come by, and when you do find them, you want to make sure that they’re reliable. Common or rare, we can provide the support you need. Factory reman is the best way to keep your Indramat legacy servo drives, motors, and controls in good working order.

We have the nation’s largest supply of emergency replacement units for Indramat systems. This means you can swap out your drive or control, with a working unit, while yours is repaired.

We specialize in Indramat motion control products. Call 479-422-0390, or fill out our contact form, for Indramat support.