Making the Most of Your Motor

Indramat made some of the most efficient and capable servomotors you could buy. While Indramat no longer manufactures servomotors you can still find Indramat motors powering motion control systems in factories around the world. In fact, Indramat servos installed as early as the 1970s are still in use to this day. Efficiency and performance may be responsible for Indramat’s past success, but it’s clear that they are also incredibly durable. Few other servomotors can match their longevity.

Of course, servomotors don’t take care of themselves. Regular maintenance and inspection are necessary to ensure your servos stay in good working condition. Maintenance helps prevent any avoidable issues, while inspection can help you remedy small issues before they become expensive problems.

Making repairs instead of replacements is another way to make sure that you get the most out of your servomotor. Indramat servos, like all machinery, have a finite lifespan. You won’t be able to run the same motor until the end of time. Making repairs, however, is a good way to maximize the lifetime of your machinery. Prematurely replacing a motor is a serious waste of money.

We support and service frameless servomotors, and the following Indramat servo motor types:

  • 2AD motors
  • MAC motors
  • MDD motors
  • MKD motors
  • MSK motors

As you know, downtime is a huge cost to your business. Sometimes your motor may still have years of life left, but getting a repair might take a while. We keep several motors on hand for emergency exchange, so you can stay up and running while you get your servo fixed.

Make sure that you get the most out of your servomotors, and all of your Indramat products. We provide Indramat service and repair, and even offer preventative inspection and maintenance for Indramat motion control systems. So the next time your motor needs a repair, give us a call. Of course, if your servo is on its last leg, we can supply you with a replacement motor, too. Call us today at 479-422-0390