How to Counter Indramat Error F822

We get a couple of calls every week from people who’ve received a Rexroth Indramat error code F822 (error code 22 on Diax02, and F8022 on Indradrive). This is one of the more common Indramat errors. However, there’s a simple way to clear this error code, and it can take just a few minutes if you keep replacement Indramat cables on-hand.

What causes Indramat error F822?

An F822 error basically means that the signal isn’t right — the signal is too small. The drive gets a signal summation outside the “good” range (1V to 11.8V), and it sends the F822 error message.

If you check the manual, you’ll see three reasons for the F822 error code:

1. Feedback Cable defective
2. Transmission of the feedback signals disturbed
3. Feedback defective

Remember that Indramat manuals list the possible causes for errors in order of most likely to least likely. So while the feedback might be defective — which would be a serious problem — it is the least likely cause of the problem.

The number one cause of an F822 error is a defective feedback cable.

Usually, there’s a crack in the insulation of one of the wires in the cable. Either the cable is just so old that the insulation wears down, or the cable is getting pushed around to the point of breakage, or perhaps there was some damage in shipping — maybe years ago.

Over time, the crack develops into a hole and the resulting leakage of voltage triggers an Indramat F822 error.

clearing the error code

Always start at the top of the list any time you try to resolve Indramat errors. Again, the first possible cause is always the most likely cause of the problem. This means that a new cable is the most likely solution to your problem.

This is great news because keeping a couple replacement Indramat cables on hand is an affordable and practical option for most manufacturers. Testing the cable will either solve your problem or immediately inform you that your feedback is defective.

We can provide you with replacement cables, and we can also assist with an Indramat factory repair or offer a replacement for your defective feedback. Call 479-422-0390 and we’ll get them to you fast.