Legacy Parts and Worker Safety

Your Indramat drive, control, or servo fails — now what?

One solution is to replace the component entirely with something new. This is certainly what a salesperson will recommend. You’ve got an old part on a legacy component, they suggest, so of course it’s going to fail. Why not cut your losses and get the latest whiz-bang machine, which they can source for you at a dazzling discount?

There are some real answers to that “Why not?”


Drop a pebble in a pond and you won’t just see a reaction in the water where you dropped the pebble. You’ll see ripples far out from that spot. Equally, if you update one machine you may have to update the other machined connected with that first machine.

In many industries, changing one part means retesting and recertifying a large part of your entire production system to meet safety regulations.

Replacing the failed part with an identical part doesn’t trigger that requirement.


Replacing a legacy part with an identical part is also likely to be faster than identifying and choosing a replacement for a component. Research and due diligence can increase downtime significantly.

Retraining workers to use the new solution and the inevitable teething troubles add to the productivity constraints…and the safety concerns.

In most cases, replacing the failed Indramat part with an identical part in good condition is the fastest, least expensive, and safest option.

How can you find Indramat legacy parts?

You won’t find new Indramat drives and controls hanging around on a shelf at your local big box shop, and you can’t just go to Indramat. They no longer exist. Bosch Rexroth, which acquired Indramat, doesn’t sell replacement parts, either.

Fortunately, we can help. We are Indramat specialists. We offer factory repair and reman, including emergency replacement units that come to you with a warranty.

We’d say it’s the next best thing to new…except that sometimes it’s better than new. When an element of the legacy component has been upgraded or updated over time, we supply that newer part at no extra charge. Your legacy component can come back to you with newer technology than when it was first commissioned.

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