Leave Indramat Motor Repair to the Professionals

You don’t always need a professional. Sometimes inexperience is part of the charm, like when you commission your child to paint your portrait. Sometimes a poor result doesn’t do enough harm to cause much stress or frustration, so you let your friend cut your hair. It will grow back. Some things are too important to be left to amateurs, however. Indramat motor repair, for example, should only be done by professionals.

Motors aren’t all the same

People sometimes assume that a machine is a machine. If you know how to fix one type of servo motor, you can repair all types of servo motors. This just isn’t the case, though. A mechanic who works on Toyota engines won’t necessarily know how to work on a Bentley engine.

If you wouldn’t trust a general mechanic to work on your luxury vehicle, you shouldn’t trust a general repair shop to work on your sophisticated motion control system. Only trained, knowledgeable professionals should perform repairs on Indramat parts and components.

Inadequate repairs cost you big

Unlike a Picasso-esque portrait and uneven sideburns, there’s significant financial cost with a poor quality Indramat repair. There’s the cost of the initial repair, the loss of productivity, downtime, and then the cost of the repair to fix the original problem the right way and whatever additional damage the shoddy repair caused.

In some cases an inadequate repair can actually damage your servos beyond the point of repair, which means you have to pay to replace them. So what could have been a reasonably priced repair with minimal downtime becomes a long, drawn-out, and expensive nightmare.

Call now for Indramat motor repair

There’s nothing charming about a cut-rate Indramat motor repair, and a broken motion control system doesn’t just grow back. Don’t call in a local repair man who is “pretty handy”, and don’t trust third party servo repair shops who dabble in every type of servo motor under the sun. Indramat motor repair needs to be done right, and it needs to be done by professionals. We specialize in Indramat motion control systems, and we offer Indramat factory repair services with a 24 hour turnaround. Give us a call at 479-422-0390 for immediate support and Indramat motor repair.