Is There a Difference Between Indramat Fault Codes and Indramat Error Codes?

Let’s say that an ominous diagnostic message pops up on your Indramat drive controller, and your servos stop working. While searching for someone who can fix your system, you come across references to both “fault codes” and “error codes”. Is one more serious than the other? Are they cleared in the same way? Is there a difference between Indramat fault codes and error codes?

Indramat diagnostic messages

People sometimes forget that a diagnostic message doesn’t always mean that you have a problem. Some diagnostic messages are good and some are bad. The diagnostic message indicates the operation status of your drive. Whether or not that message is good or bad depends on the message type.

  • Error diagnostic messages begin with “F”
  • Warning diagnostic messages begin with “E”
  • Command diagnostic messages begin with “C” or “D”
  • Operation Status diagnostic messages begin with “A”

Is there a difference between a fault and an error?

Indramat fault codes and Indramat error codes are terms that can be used interchangeably.

Fault codes and error codes are the easiest way to communicate that there’s something wrong with your Indramat system. A warning diagnostic message and an error diagnostic message, for example, can both be described as either a fault code or an error code.

Differentiating between a fault and an error is kind of like differentiating between a problem and a complication. That is, they’re the same thing, and they need to be fixed ASAP.

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When you see an error diagnostic message or a warning diagnostic message, you’re not really concerned about the accuracy of you terminology. Is it anĀ  error? Is it a fault? Yes. You have a problem and you want it fixed as quickly as possible. We can help with that.

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