Is It Bad to Rely on Automation?

As automation technologies improve, we find that we are able to automate more and more aspects of our daily life. Most people under 30 haven’t heard of a travel agent, we can check ourselves out at the grocery store, and we don’t even know how much our utilities cost each month because they’re auto-drafted. Oxford researchers gave the U.S. 20 years before half of all American jobs could be automated, and soon we won’t even have to drive ourselves. We’re relying more heavily on automation each day; this is a trend that’s not going to stop. But is it bad to rely on automation?

Why is it bad to rely on automation?

Some people are concerned about the level of automation at home and the workplace. They worry that we have become too reliant on automation. But why is it bad to rely on automation? Automation is good right?

Here are some of the arguments against relying on automation.

  • Automation makes us lazy. We don’t have to do as much, and we grow accustomed to things begin done for us.
  • Automation makes us stupid. We don’t have to remember to do things, and we don’t need to remember how to do things.
  • Automation makes us soft. You can’t be working hard if you’re hardly working. Since automation makes our lives easier and more convenient, we don’t practice skills like resilience, grit, and persistence.
  • Automation makes us useless. If we can just get machines to do everything, what will be good for?

The positive view of automation

That’s a pretty pessimistic view of automation as well as mankind. True, automation makes our lives easier and more convenient, but that just frees us up to do the things that humans are good at. We will only become lazy and useless if we allow ourselves to become lazy and useless. Automation enables us to think, and solve problems, and create, and invent, and put our minds to more useful tasks than scanning groceries, steering a vehicle, or writing checks out by hand.

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