Industrial Internet of Things in Space

Industry greatly benefits from the Internet of Things (IoT), and the more connected things become, the more industry benefits. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) leads to increased productivity, more data and information, increased efficiency, higher profits, and less waste. Many industrial sectors are already implementing machine-to-machine connectivity, but the IIoT is still young in its development. It’s nowhere near where it will be in the future.

Space is often associated with technology, advancement, discovery, and the future. Space is where we find and learn the truly amazing things that redefine what we know, and reshape our understanding of how things works. Soon, space will also be known for the Internet of Things.

The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) proposed a list of seven experiments to be conducted on the International Space Station (ISS), including a test that could ultimately benefit the IIoT.

Researchers from Morehead State University will combine with Honeywell Aerospace to build a high-performance Dependable Multiprocessor (DM) Payload Processor. This processor will be tested on the ISS, and could lead to advancements in M2M communication, remote sensing, and global tracking. That’s basically the tick list for the IoT.

This is a big opportunity for the IoT as well as those in manufacturing, packaging, or industry in general. The ISS research facility offers a new environment to test and develop technologies that can drive advancement for the IoT. Remote sensing, wireless connectivity, and accurate tracking are all essential for a working and effective internet. The processor test will hopefully unlock a whole trove of information that will benefit the IIoT.

For now, the Internet of Things is being tested and researched in space, but who knows what could happen after these tests? The IoT could one day not only connect things on earth, but things on earth with things in space!

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