Indramat’s Most Popular Motor

The MKD071B-061-GP0-KN motor is the most popular servo motor that Indramat ever made. This is especially impressive considering that Indramat made the world’s best motion control systems for nearly half a century. The company produced a lot of great and innovative motors, and many are still in use today.

So what makes the MKD071B-061-GP0-KN so popular? Is it because of a charming personality and a sharp wit? Does it have perfect timing and delivery with jokes? Does it have really good hair?

The MKD071B-061-GP0-KN motor doesn’t crack jokes, it doesn’t have hair, and it has no personality to speak of. The reason this MKD motor is so popular is due entirely to performance.

MKD071B-061-GP0-KN motors do it all

MKD motors are incredibly versatile. The MKD series comes in a wide range of sizes and offers a variety of features to meet the specific needs of the user. The MKD071B-061-GP0-KN is smack dab in the middle of available frame sizes, but it’s more than just the Goldilocks frame size of the motor that made it so popular.

These motors combine pinpoint precision and unrivaled durability into a cost effective package. Plus, MKD motors are practically maintenance-free.

The MKD family of servomotors boasts permanent magnets and lifetime lubricated bearings. This all but eliminates the need for maintenance during the lifetime of the motor. The anticipated lifetime of an MKD071B-061-GP0-KN motor is around 10 years. However, we often find these motors working well beyond their anticipated lifetime.

Even the best machines need service

It doesn’t matter how well designed a machine is or how well made it is — all machines eventually need service. Indramat’s brushless motors help reduce wear and tear, but there are still other moving parts in the system. Any time you have moving parts, you have wear.

Maybe it’s time to replace those lifetime lubricated bearings. After all, lifetime means the lifetime of the motor rather than your lifetime. Fortunately, that’s something that we can help you with.

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