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We support and service Indramat® (now Bosch Rexroth®) servo drives and motion control.

Indramat servo drives and motion control revolutionized industry. In 1958, Indramat was founded to produce motion control for printing presses, machine tools, packaging machines, and other precision work. Over the years, Rexroth bought Indramat, and then at the turn of the century, Robert Bosch bought Rexroth, forming Bosch Rexroth. Indramat became its Electric Drives and Controls Group (EDC).

While the Indramat name is no more, Bosch Rexroth still produces the former Indramat drives relabled with the Rexroth name. They also produce a new family of products under the names Indradrive, Indradyne, and IndraControl. We can assist you with decision-making on the question of whether to upgrade or replace your current servo drives, motors, and controls, or to choose factory repair. In most cases, factory repair provides you with like-new quality and many more years of service. For those who haven’t time for repair, we in many cases have emergency exchange units that have been through factory repair already for immediate shipment.

Get help fast.

Indramat servo drives, motors, and motion control can work perfectly for decades. Consequently, there are few plants that have people with Rexroth Indramat troubleshooting skills. Even people who have been to schools on these products may not have a chance to use their knowledge for years, so it atrophies. Rexroth Indramat is all we do, so we stay current and fresh on it. We can help you with troubleshooting, provide options for repair or replacement and get you up and running fast. All of our repair is factory repair, the only way to get new componentry. When “Bob’s BBQ and Servo Repair Shoppe” says they are “factory authorized”, know they are lying, because there is no such thing as factory authorized, and no third party repair shop that can buy new components. We will get it done right.

Indramat technology in your facility? You should put our number in your phone. (479) 422-0390. Call us whenever you need to get back up and running fast.