Indramat Repair

You may have Indramat servos, drives, and controls in your facility. You don’t have new Indramat components, because Indramat no longer makes new parts. In fact, Indramat doesn’t exist any more as a separate company. They are now part of Bosch Rexroth. So you may wonder whether Indramat repair makes sense or not.

Would it be better to replace your Indramat components with something newer?

Is Indramat repair possible?

The first question on your mind might be whether Indramat repair is even an option. If the company no longer exists, does that mean that Indramat repair services are a thing of the past?

No. We specialize in Indramat and Rexroth electric industrial automation systems, and you can feel confident that we will know exactly what to do with your Indramat motion control systems.

What’s more, Rexroth continues to support most Indramat components, with factory repair and reman for legacy systems.

On more thing: we have the nation’s largest stock of remanufactured Indramat units on hand for immediate delivery, in case time is of the essence.

So Indramat repair is not only possible, but easy and trouble free. Call us at (479) 422-0390 for immediate assistance.

Is Indramat repair the best choice?

If you talk to a salesperson, you will probably hear why you should switch to their brand of servo or drive. They’ll probably recommend that you change completely, replacing your entire drive and control system and all your servos, not just the one faulty item.

Is this your best bet? Probably not.

Upgrading one fault component can certainly be a problem, since your new piece may not be fully compatible with your existing units. It may want to operate at a different speed from the other elements of your setup, for example. You can make it adapt, but you may not get the best results.

It probably won’t have the same footprint, either. You’ll almost certainly have to reconfigure your facility to accommodate that new machinery.

These facts (along with the commission) are the reasons that salesperson recommends a complete upgrade.

But you may not be ready for the cost, the downtime, or the learning curve of a complete upgrade. And the truth is that legacy components can often work just fine with elements from other time depths. Rexroth Indramat systems are not built for obsolescence. They’re built for the long haul. The servo or drive that has been chugging along for two or three decades will continue to do its job once it’s properly repaired.

We said properly repaired

We see a lot of examples of third-party repairs. They’re usually not pretty. Factory repair or reman will bring your unit back to you as good as new, with wearing parts replace with original parts, tested at factory specifications, and ready to put in years more service.

You’ll even receive a new warranty — up to 60 months, depending on the component and the service you choose.

Upgrade when you’re ready to upgrade. In the meantime, our Indramat repair services will keep your facility running smoothly.