Indramat Repair at the Speed of Flight

There are some things in life that you expect to wait for. You know that you have to wait in line for ice cream on a hot summer day. You know that you can’t catch fireflies until the sun goes down. And you know that you have to wait for the rest of your family before hitting the road for your epic family vacation. Indramat repair isn’t something to dally with, however.

Ice cream and fireflies can wait. Your motion control system, on the other hand, cannot. Downtime is a big financial drain on your business, and quick repair is a need rather than a want.Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat support

Downtime is frustrating

Speed matters when you factor in the cost of downtime. That’s because you’re not only facing the cost of repairs and the loss of production – which add enough expense on their own – but you’re also dealing with the cost of paying employees who can’t actually do any work.

Sure, they can straighten work spaces and do some dusting, but they can’t actually do anything truly useful until your motion control system is repaired. This makes the cost of downtime not only expense, but also frustrating.

The waiting game

Waiting for a scheduled pick up? That motion control part is just sitting there, boxed up, waiting to be collected by your chatty postman, only to go and sit at the distribution center until it’s time to send off all the mail.

Even if you drive your defective part down to the post office yourself – because you’re in a hurry – your part still has to wait to be sent off until they’re done collecting mail. Of course, this process is repeated on the way back, too.

There’s a lot of sitting and waiting when going through the mail. The Pony Express is great for post cards, but not speedy Indramat repairs.

The fastest way to get an Indramat repair is by going through us.

The fastest Indramat repair

Why wait longer than you have to? Downtime is extremely expensive. The longer you wait, the greater the cost becomes.

We will get your machinery to you via chartered plane if you can’t wait for Snail Mail.

Call 479-422-0390 for fast Indramat repair.