Indramat Power Supply Faults

You know about servo motor and servo drive fault codes, but what do you know about power supply faults? Indramat power supply faults are different from servo motor and drive faults. Power supply faults include everything from blown fuses to shorts in the unit to improper voltage.

LED display of faults

Indramat power supply faults appear on the diagnostic display. This display consists of red and green LED lights. The exact number of lights – and what those lights indicate – depends on the type of Indramat power supply module you have.

In general, shining green lights or unlit red lights are good, while shining red lights or unlit green lights are bad.

Digital display

Some power supply modules feature a digital display in addition to LED lights. For example, KVR and TVR units come with LEDs and a two-place seven-segment display to indicate operating status of the power supply.

This display provides more detail about power supply faults.

Consult your operating manual to understand Indramat power supply faults.

Clearing Indramat power supply faults

Clearing fault codes for your Indramat power supply unit is a good start, but you must also clear the error messages before you can operate your machinery. Hit the S2 reset button or cut power to reset your device.

You can’t always clear faults on your own, however. Sometimes you need assistance from an Indramat specialist.

Unscheduled downtime results in big losses for your business. Contact us for immediate Indramat support. We can troubleshoot most Indramat faults directly over the phone.

Having some basic information on hand ensures speedy system recovery. Fault status, diagnostic message and fault display information, the type and serial numbers for units and motors. Not sure where to find that information? We can help with that, too. Give us a call at 479-422-0390 and we’ll walk you through it.