Indramat MKE Servo Motor’s Achilles Heel

Indramat MKE servo motors are among the burliest servos ever built. The MKE series of brushless servo motors boasts a fully enclosed and flameproof housing along with lifetime lubricated bearings. These impressive features make MKE servo motors well suited for the harshest conditions and environments, all while being virtually maintenance-free. Of course, MKE servos do have one vulnerability.

Unrivaled reliability

Indramat products are known for their legendary reliability. Indramat made some of the best industrial motion control products available on the market. The MKE series consistently delivers high performance in the most demanding applications and environments.

This reliability makes these motors easy to take for granted, though. They plug away day in, day out getting blasted with corrosive chemicals in spray down environments.  They’re so low-maintenance that you forget that they’re even there. That is, until after 20 years they generate an error code.

MKE servo motors may seem invulnerable, but they do have a weakness – time. Time will get the best of any machinery, regardless of how well it’s made.

The MKE series’ bombproof construction means you can’t take the motors apart to clean or repair them yourself. You can’t even bring in an Indramat specialist to do your repairs. The only option is a factory repair or remanufacture.

Call us when it’s time for a factory repair

Indramat MKE servos are incredibly reliable, durable, and long-lasting, but there’s no escaping the effects of time. Fortunately, factory reman can reverse the normal wear and tear of years constant use.

Reman includes cleaning all components, replacing all wearing parts, and restoring the housing. All remanufactured units come back to you with a new factory warranty.

Call us when it’s time to service your Indramat servos. We offer Indramat factory repair services for your servos in as little as 24 hours. Call 479-422-0390 for any Indramat support.