Indramat MDD Servo Motors

New Indramat MDD Servo Motor

The MDD motor series from Indramat are digital AC servo motors designed for precise motion control. MDD motors are suited for use in a number of different industries and applications. These were the applications Indramat had in mind when these motors were created:

  • tooling
  • textiles
  • printing and packaging
  • robotics
  • handling equipment
  • transfer facilities

Indramat MDD motors are known for their accuracy at high feedrates, which makes them a good choice in situations in which you need to cut fast. Most of these motors had the option of a blocking brake and some had surface cooling options.

MDD Motor types

The MDD series includes nine motors with different continuous torques and speeds.

This group is particularly narrow and high powered:
• MDD 021
• MDD 025
• MDD 041

For roller feeds or tool changing devices, this group is recommend for their very high power density:
• MDD 065
• MDD 071
• MDD 093
• MDD 115

An extreme degree of synchronism characterizes this group:
• MDD 090
• MDD 112

All of the motors listed above are legacy components. The IndraDyn MSK is the current recommended equivalent for all of these.

Maintenance-free motor design

The Indramat MDD series is designed to work reliably without maintenance. These motors use permanent rare earth magnets for a brushless motor design. Brushless servos have less wear and tear, which means less maintenance and less machine failure.

The servos also feature lifetime-lubricated bearings, which helps reduce maintenance and upkeep.

Because no internal maintenance is required or was expected, MDD motors have a completely sealed housing. There are real advantages to this. As mentioned, MDD servo motors don’t need maintenance.

Less obvious but still very important is the fact that they can be installed in poor environmental conditions. Water, electricity, caustic chemicals, or dirt hold no dangers for the MDD servo motors. The motor’s complete protection from the environment gives the MDD series significant flexibility in terms of applications.

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While a maintenance-free sealed motor has advantages, it also has a significant disadvantage: it’s sealed so you can’t repair it. You might consider this a safeguard, however. Indramat motors are not designed to be repaired in situ or by third party repair shops.

Indramat factory repair is a must. If you’re wondering whether you should repair or replace your MDD series servo motors, call 479-422-0390. We’ll be able to discuss your needs and help you make the decision that is right for you.