Indramat Maximum Cable Length

What's the maximum cable length for Indramat products?

Cables come in several different lengths from many different manufacturers. However, this does not mean that any cable length works for your Indramat system if it happens to fit. Always check your Indramat project planning manual; each machine has a recommended maximum cable length for safety and performance.

So what determines maximum cable length for your Indramat components?

The biggest limiting factor for Indramat cable length comes from voltage loss and electromagnetic distortions. Longer cables are more prone to these distortions and lose more voltage.

The time that it takes for the electrical charge to travel through cables also contributes to maximum cable length. For example, transit time can affect voltage through motor terminals, which can shorten maximum motor power cable lengths.

Temperature also affects cable length. The ideal temperature for Indramat systems is around 30-degrees Celsius. Environments with temperatures that are significantly higher or lower may see an effect on maximum cable lengths.

As you know, you can run multiple Indramat drive units together. Maximum cable length also depends on the number of servo drives and brakes being used. The fewer servo drives and the fewer brakes, the longer the maximum cable length can be.

Examples of maximum cable lengths

  • If using Indramat motor power cables in an ideal environment, you have a maximum cable length of 75 meters.
  • If using Indramat feedback cables in an ideal environment, you have a maximum cable length of 75 meters.
  • Maximum cable length between an Interface and NC control may be 20 meters if using ready made cable IKS 083.
  • A single drive train may have a maximum cable length of 200 meters.

Check your manual to determine the maximum cable length for your Indramat products. We are happy to offer replacement Indramat manuals for our customers.

We can also help you determine maximum cable length for your system. As specialists in Indramat industrial motion control systems, we can answer your questions, troubleshoot your fault codes, or get you squared away with a factory REMAN for your faulty servo motors.

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