Indramat Leaks

Nobody likes leaks. A leaky roof will ruin your ceiling. Leaks in your boat will leave you shipwrecked. Leaks in your company will circulate sensitive business information to the public. And a leak in your Indramat system doesn’t leave you faring much better. Indramat leaks may not be common, but they can cause some problems.

Leaks in your Indramat system

Most people don’t have much experience with Indramat leaks. In fact, many don’t even realize that leaks can even be a problem for Indramat systems. But oil or coolant can leak into servomotors, shutting them down until they can be repaired.

This isn’t specific to Indramat servos, however. Any servo that could potentially come in contact with leaking coolant or oil is at risk. Even motors that are completely sealed can be ruined by leaks.

How can you prevent leaks?

Never reuse old, worn, or damaged seals and plugs. The purpose of a seal is to keep moisture and particulates out. A seal can’t do its job when it’s broken, though.

Always inspect seals to make sure that there’s no space for liquid to work its way through. Loose seals or gaps in seals do not offer adequate protection for your motor.

Keep your motors protected from direct exposure to oil or coolant. The less contact your motor has with liquid, the less likely it is that moisture will leak into the servo.

Perform regular maintenance and inspections. This is good practice to ensure that your entire system runs the way that it should.

Address all faults and errors as they occur. Ignored problems can lead to other issues with your system. Fix all issues as they arise.

We’re here to help

Whether your servo is in need of a reman because of leaking coolant, or you simply have a troubleshooting question you need answered over the phone, we can help. We are Indramat specialists with the knowledge and experience to remedy any Indramat leaks, faults, or other problems. Give us a call at 479-422-0390!