Indramat, Indradrive, Rexroth… and Who’s Bosch?

Here’s Robert Bosch. He was an engineer who worked with Thomas Edison, and founded his own company in 1886. Bosch focused on automotive engineering. The first American branch office opened in 1921, a decade and a half after the Paris office.

In 2001, Bosch merged with Rexroth, an engineering firm with very deep roots, tracing its history back to an iron forge founded in 1795 in Germany. Rexroth moved into hydraulics and then pneumatics, largely through acquisition of other companies. One of these companies was Indramat. With its acquisition of Indramat in 1965, Rexroth added an electric motion control division.


Indramat was founded, also in Germany, in 1958, and established its American branch in the second half of the 20th century. Indramat developed a number of revolutionary products in the 1970s and 1980s.

Particularly noteworthy was the brushless AC servo motor. That wasn’t all, though. Indramat was clearly a worthy partner for Rexroth, and Rexroth was looking for an electric drive and control company to complement its pneumatic offerings.

So Indramat joined Rexroth, which then joined Bosch, and the result was a change of name. Indramat components became Indradrive. Much has changed over the years, but Indradrive is still the standard of excellence for electric drives, controls, and servomotors.

We specialize in Indramat motion control, including Indradrive. When you need expert support for legacy Indramat components or new Indradrive machinery, whether it was made by Indramat, Rexroth, or Rexroth Bosch, we can help.