Indramat Improper Use

Indramat motion control systems come with warnings about improper use. What could that mean? Rexroth, the parent company, is pretty strict about improper use. They will take no responsibility for any negative consequences of improper use, and they think it’s dangerous, too.

“Inappropriate use of this equipment, failure to follow the safety instructions in this document or tampering with the product, including disabling of safety devices, may result in product damage, personal injury, severe electrical shock or death!” they exclaim in the manual.

So what is improper use? Indramat components are still going strong at plenty of factories, printers, and other facilities around the world, but they’ve all been in place so long that most people working with them don’t remember the day they were commissioned. Who can be expected to know if someone gets an idea for their use that is improper?

Proper use

Take MHP motors as an example. These high powered motors are commonly — and properly — used in these contexts:

  • machine tools
  • textile machines
  • printing machines
  • packaging machines
  • robots
  • handling machines
  • gantry axes
  • machining center

Then they have ambient requirements. They shouldn’t be used in ambient temperatures below 32 degrees or above 104. They shouldn’t be used above 3,300 feet in altitude.

They can only be used with blowers and other accessories that also come from Rexroth Indramat.

And they have to be installed correctly. Once again, while your Indramat components were probably installed correctly to begin with, chances are good that nobody on the floor today would be able to say with confidence which angles would be suitable for that MPH motor. Making changes could easily push you over into that improper use space.

Improper use

In addition, the manual for the MHP motor also goes into some detail on what kinds of improper use someone might get up to.

You shouldn’t set up your MHP motor in a freight elevator, for one thing. You shouldn’t use it on aa airplane or ship. Not in a furnace, either, nor a mine or a nuclear facility or any other place where explosions are likely.

It’s not intended for food production or medical settings, either. We don’t expect many people to set up their servos in a freight elevator, but you might not think twice about repurposing your MHP motor for a food production or medical need.

Don’t do it.

The solution

Fortunately, while it might be easy to stray into improper use, there’s an easy solution.

Requirements for proper use and warnings about improper use are included in the manual for your Indramat components. You may not have the original manual on hand, but we can help. Use our Manual Request form to get the manual for your Indramat components.

If you need support or service beyond that, give us a call. We can help.