How to Get an Indramat Factory Repair

How to Get an Indramat Factory Repair

Indramat factory repair is the most reliable, most cost-effective, and most convenient option when your Indramat system needs repair. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat support.

Factories all over the world still use Indramat drives, servos, and controls from the 20th century. The fact that these legacy products still run after decades of use speaks to Indramat’s quality. There aren’t many servos out there that last as long as Indramat servos, and if you’ve been running the same system for two or three decades, you’ve gotten a nice return on your investment.

But as you would expect, many of those old legacy parts are no longer in good condition. Your motion control system might still get the job done, but you can tell that it doesn’t run quite like it did when it was new. You figure that your system has put in a great performance, but maybe it’s time to listen to those zealous, hungry-eyed salesmen who have been pounding on your door, trying to sell you a new state of the art motion control system.

Sure, you could sink a sizeable fortune into a completely new system, or you consider a more economical route, like a factory repair.

Indramat factory repair reduces costs and maximizes ROI

Indramat factory repair ensures that your machinery continues running the way it’s supposed to run. Factory repair units are restored to manufacturer specifications and returned to you with a new factory warranty.

It’s the next best thing to getting a brand new unit. In fact, a factory repair can sometimes be better than buying a “new” Indramat product; calling anything “new” that hasn’t been made in 20+ years seems like a stretch, anyway.

You may eventually need to invest in new machinery, but that doesn’t need to be today. Maybe you can’t afford to upgrade your entire system right now. Indramat factory repair is a great way to extend the mileage on your current system. It also gives you the breathing room that you need until you’re ready for a new motion control system.

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Our factory service engineers have the knowledge and experience to restore your Indramat system. We also have charter flights available, so we can get to your factory as soon as you need us. Learn more about Indramat factory repair, or call 479-422-0390 for immediate support.