Indramat Error Code F818

Setbacks — whether it’s Indramat error code F818 or something else — are frustrating. It’s hard to maintain a positive attitude something prevents you from doing what needs to be done. But what’s worse is when that setback can’t be identified. Not only do you have an obstacle to overcome, but you don’t even know what measures you need to take to move forward.

You will never be happy to see an error code, but understanding what that code is trying to tell you can be empowering — it can help you take the appropriate steps to fix the problem.

Understanding Indramat error code F818

Indramat error code F818 indicates a Drive Overtemperature Shutdown.

Servo drives generate heat while operating; that’s to be expected. However, excessive heat can ruin electronics and equipment. Drive controllers have a designated maximum temperature; if this temperature is exceeded, the risk of damage is too great for the drive to continue running.

Typically, an F818 error code won’t fall out of the sky. The fault code will be heralded by another code.

If the drive controller detects excessive heat, it typically prompts an E250 Overtemperature Warning. This warning runs for 30 seconds before the drive generates the F818 error code.

What causes F818 errors?

As with any type of overheating, the problem lies in inadequate cooling. This could mean that the unit’s internal blower has stopped working ,or it is malfunctioning in some way. Checking the fan is a good place to start.

If the blower seems to be running smoothly, make sure that the cabinet’s air conditioner is working. If the AC has failed, don’t opt for the quick fix by planting a box fan in front of an open cabinet door. Fix the control cabinet air conditioning unit to prevent further damage to your Indramat system.

Supposing that the internal blower and cabinet AC are both functioning properly, the problem could be with the control cabinet settings. Check the cabinet’s dimensions for heat dissipation with the recommended dimensions.

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