Indramat Error Code E254

Indramat, now owned by Bosch Rexroth, produced a range of servo motors, drives, and electronic control modules that enabled precise motion control and synchronization of multiple axes in a variety of applications, such as CNC machining, robotic arms, and automated assembly lines. These devices were so high in quality and robust that they are still to be found in many manufacturing, printing, and machine tooling facilities. They may have been commissioned before you were born, but chances are good that there is at least one inbdramat servo, drive, or controller, possibly in a close cabinet where you have never noticed it, somewhere in your plant.

Like any other system, Indramat is not immune to errors. When an error occurs, the system displays an error code that can tell you what is wrong and how to fix it. These error codes can range from minor problems that can be easily fixed to major problems that will require repair or replacement of your unit.

The most common Indramat error codes are the E001 and E002 codes. The E001 code indicates that the power supply has failed, which could be due to a power surge or a defective component. The E002 code indicates that the system is not properly configured. This could mean that there is a problem with the programming or that the system has not been properly calibrated.

Other common Indramat error codes include the E003 code, which indicates an overload condition, and the E004 code, which indicates a communication error. The E005 code indicates that the system is not in the correct mode, and the E006 code indicates that the system is not properly initialized. In addition to these common error codes, Indramat has many codes that are harder to figure out.


E254 is one of the really frustrating ones. You see E254 and your heart skips a beat. You have never heard of this error. ¬†You’ve definitely never seen it before. You turn the place upside down looking for a manual and finally find your way here. We can send you a manual if you need one.

In this case, though, it might not help much.

E254 is described in the manual as “Drive not Referenced.”


What the heck is that supposed to mean? Well, if “Absolute Positioning Commands” are selected while in “Command Controlled Operation” the control drive must be homed. So, did you select absolute positioning commands? If you did, did you make sure that the control drive was homed?

Probably not. This is your Ecodrive saying, “Um…what drive?”

Without that information, it can’t reach an absolute position. The drive gives up and stops. The solution is easy. Reference the drive. Select “Relative Positioning Command.” Clear the error and restart.

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