Indramat Ecodrive Error F219

Indramat Ecodrive error F219 indicates a motor overtemperature shutdown. Here’s what that means, why it’s happening, and how to clear an Indramat Ecodrive F219 error.

What causes an Indramat F219 error?

An F219 motor overtemperature shutdown is a non-fatal Indramat error. You see this error when the motor temperature exceeds the maximum permissible level. The motor has a temperature error threshold of 155°C (311°F). Once the motor reaches this threshold, your system generates an F219 error message, and the drive responds to this error code with the “best possible deceleration”.

The Indramat troubleshooting guide lists a few different things that might cause this error:

  1. The motor is working too hard. The torque demand exceeds the maximum allowable level for an extended period of time.
  2. There’s a problem in the motor temperature monitor line: a wire break, a short circuit, or disconnection.
  3. Instability in the velocity loop.

These causes are listed in descending order of most likely to least likely.

How to clear an F219 error

Start at with the first possible cause of the problem and work your way down the list; starting with the least likely cause wastes time and money.

  1. Take a look to see if something is overloading the motor. Look for pollution, debris or foreign objects, broken parts, moved components, etc.
  2. Make sure that all motor temperature monitor wires and cables are in good condition. Replace any defective cables.
  3. Check the velocity loop parameters.

Still seeing an error message?

Make sure you hit the reset button (S1), or reset the control through the command  S-0-099, Reset class 1 diagnostic.

If you still see the error, it’s time for professional support. We are trained technicians that specialize in Indrmat motion control systems. We have extensive experience troubleshooting and servicing Indramat systems. Save yourself time, effort, and expense and call us as soon as you seen an error code. We can quickly diagnose the problem and walk you through the steps to clear the error, send the correct replacement, or arrange a factory repair.

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