Indramat E251 Motor Overtemperature Warning

Your servos can overheat any time of the year. Servos overheat for a number of different reasons, but ultimately, they overheat because they’re working too hard. We see this more often in the hot summer months. If your system generates an Indramat E251 warning, don’t delay. You need to clear this error and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Indramat E251 Motor Overtemperature Warning

Indramat servos rarely fail; they’re among the best motion control products ever made. Even the best machines suffer problems over time, however.

Diagnostic messages are a really great feature of Indramat motion control systems. Instead of guessing, checking, scratching your head, swearing, and repeating the process, you can just look at the H1 display to see what’s wrong with your system.

Sometimes you get a bolt from the blue, but often your system generates a warning message before a serious fault code. An E251 Motor Overtemperature Warning is like the thunder before lightning strikes.

What is an E251 error?

When you see an Indramat E251 error code you need to act quickly. This warning message indicates that your motor is overloading.

An E251 warning generates if your motor exceeds the warning threshold temperature of 145°C. However, since this is a warning, your drive continues following the command value.

In fact, your system can run for quite a while after an Indramat E251 warning appears. This does not mean that you should ignore this warning message, however. You don’t stand around in an open field when you hear thunder.

What causes Indramat E251 warnings?

If your motor has been installed recently, check the motor rating and make sure that correct motor is being used. If you’ve been running your system for years, however, it’s not that you’re using the wrong motor.

Your machinery may be damaged, there could be something in the motor, or your servo could be too dirty.

Clearing an Indramat E251 warning

It’s important to resolve an E251 warning as quickly as possible. Even though you may still be able to run your system, an unresolved E251 warning can result in serious damage to your machinery and an F219 Motor Overtemperature Shutdown.

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