Indramat DKC Drive Error Code F276

Why are you seeing an Indramat F276 error code? Indramat made the world’s best motion control products. Few other companies could match the affordability, performance, and versatility of Indramat drives and servos.

Indramat no longer exists as an independent company, but Indramat motion control systems are still plugging away in factories across the globe. Of course, these are now legacy systems, and problems can creep up after a servo has been running continuously for decades.

Here’s a look at Indramat DKC drive error code F276, and what you can do to fix it.

What does Indramat error code F276 mean?

Indramat error F276 is the fault code for an “Absolute Encoder Error”. This means that the motor position isn’t where the drive thinks that it should be.

When a controller with an absolute encoder shuts down, it stores the actual position of the motor. If the startup position doesn’t match the stored position — or rather if that position is larger than the allowed deviation window — the drive generates an F276 error.

You might also see an Indramat F276 error code if the absolute position has not been set after a new motor installation, or because of incorrect position initialization.

How do you clear an F276 error?

The nice thing about this error code, is that it’s usually easy to resolve. First, check to make sure that the absolute and displayed positions are set correctly. If they are, then hit the S1 button to reset the error.

The bad news is that if you’re seeing an F276 error code generated because of incorrect position initialization, you have to replace your motor. Check the absolute position. If this position is wrong, the feedback may be defective; you must exchange the motor.

We know that nobody likes hearing they need to buy a new motor. Of course, we can help if you do need to purchase a new Indramat motor. Whether you need help resolving error codes, you need a replacement motor, or you need repairs made to your Indramat drive controller, we’ve got you covered.

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