Indramat Command Diagnostic Messages

How do you respond when there’s a problem? Some people start looking for a back door at the first sign of trouble. Others start throwing around accusations, looking to place the blame on anyone but themselves. Then there are people who recognize that placing blame won’t fix the problem; instead of figuring out who is at fault, they get to work. Don’t start looking for scapegoats when you see an Indramat fault code. Take action and give us a call at 479-422-0390. We can help you determine the cause of the error and get you on track to fixing the problem.

Indramat Command Diagnostic Messages

Your Indramat system doesn’t just show you fault codes. Diagnostic messages simply indicate the operating status for your Indramat system.

Indramat Command Diagnostic Messages are easy to identify. Practically all of them start with the letter “C”. Here’s a list Indramat Command Diagnostic Message codes you may encounter.

B Command Diagnostic Messages

  • B100 Command release motor holding brake
  • B101 Command not enabled
  • B200 Brake check command
  • B201 Brake check only with drive enable
  • B202 Error during abrasion of the brake
  • B203 Brake torque too low

C Command Diagnostic Messages

  • C100 Communication phase 3 transition check
  • C101 Invalid Communication Parameter (S-0-0021)
  • C102 Limit Error Communication Parameter(S-0-0021)
  • C104 Config. IDN for MDT not configurable
  • C105 Configured Length > Max. Length for MDT
  • C106 N for AT not configurable
  • C107 Configured Length > Max Length for AT
  • C108 Time Slot Parameter > SERCOS Cycle Time
  • C109 Position of Data Record in MDT (S-0-0009) even
  • C110 Length of MDT (S-0-0010) odd
  • C111 ID9 + Record Length – 1 > Length MDT (S-0-0010)
  • C112 TNcyc (S-0-0001) or TScyc (S-0-0002) Error
  • C113 Relation TNcyc (S-0-0001) to TScyc (S-0-0002) Error
  • C114 T4 > TScyc (S-0-0002) – T4min (S-0-0005)
  • C115 T2 too small
  • C200 Communication phase 4 transition check
  • C201 Invalid Parameter (-> S-0-0022)
  • C202 Limit Error Parameter (->S-0-0022)
  • C203 Parameter Calculation Error (->S-0-0022)
  • C207 Load Error LCA
  • C210 External Feedback Required (-> S-0-0022)
  • C211 Invalid Feedback Data (-> S-0-0022)
  • C212 Invalid amplifier data (-> S-0-0022)
  • C213 Position data scaling error
  • C214 Velocity data scaling error
  • C215 Acceleration data scaling error
  • C216 Torque/force data scaling error
  • C217 Motor feedback data reading error
  • C218 External feedback data reading error
  • C220 Mot. Feedback Initialization Error
  • C221 Ext. Feedback Initializing Error
  • C227 Modulo range error
  • C300 Set absolute measuring
  • C301 Setting Absolute Measuring Not Allowed, Drive Enable
  • C302 Absolute Measuring System Not Installed
  • C500 Reset class 1 diagnostic
  • C600 Drive-controlled homing procedure command
  • C601 Homing Not Possible If Drive Is Not Enabled
  • C602 Distance homing switch – reference mark erroneous
  • C603 Homing Not Permitted In This Operating Mode
  • C604 Homing of absolute encoder not possible
  • C605, Homing velocity too great
  • C700 Basic load
  • C800 Command Base-Parameter load

D Command Diagnostic Messages

  • D300 Command adjust commutation
  • D301 Drive not ready for commutation command
  • D302 Torque/Force too small to move
  • D303 Drive in control at start of command
  • D304 Error in offset calculation
  • D305 Drive enable refused
  • D306 Power is off
  • D307 Drive does not move
  • D308 No adjustment with asynchronous motor
  • D309 Proceed to phase 4
  • D310 Input master password
  • D311 Commutation offset could not be determined
  • D312 Motion range exceeded during commutation
  • D400 Positive stop drive procedure command
  • D401 ZKL1 Error at Command Start
  • D500 Command Get mark position
  • D501 Incremental encoder required
  • D600 Cancel reference point procedure command
  • D700 Parking axis command
  • D701 Parking axis only while drive is disabled
  • D900 Command automatic loop tuning
  • D901 Start requires drive enable
  • D902 Motor feedback data not valid
  • D903 Inertia detection failed
  • D904 Gain adjustment failed
  • D905 Travel range invalid, P-0-0166 & P-0-0167
  • D906 Travel range exceeded

Call 479-422-0390 for Indramat support

Simply knowing the name of the diagnostic message you’re seeing won’t necessarily help you fix the problem, but calling us will. Contact us online, or call 479-422-0390 for immediate phone support. If your problem needs a more personal touch, we will go directly to you for field service, followed if necessary by factory repairs.