Indramat Brake Errors: F268 and F269

Indramat, formerly a groundbreaking motion control systems company and now part of Bosch Rexroth, is a manufacturer of industrial motion control and automation equipment, including servo drives and controls. A “brake error” in an Indramat drive typically refers to a fault or error condition related to the brake system within the drive. The brake system is responsible for controlling the stopping or holding of a motor or actuator.

There are two brake errors that can affect your Indramat drives. The first, F268  Brake Error, is a fault in the braking system. This can happen for different reasons:

  1. Brake Engagement/Disengagement: It may indicate that the brake is not engaging or disengaging as it should. This can lead to unintended motion or difficulty in stopping the motor or actuator.
  2. Brake Wear or Damage: The error may be triggered by wear and tear on the brake components or damage to the brake itself. Worn brake pads, damaged brake discs, or other mechanical issues can cause the brake to malfunction.
  3. Control or Wiring Issues: It could also be related to control signals or wiring problems. If the control signals to engage or disengage the brake are not functioning correctly, it can result in a brake error.
  4. Feedback Issues: Some Indramat drives use feedback devices, such as encoders or resolvers, to monitor the status of the brake. If there are issues with the feedback system, it can lead to brake errors

Any of these conditions can lead your drive to throw a warning in the form of F268, a brake error.


There’s also F269, “Error during release of motor holding brake.” This is most likely the result of one of these problems:

  1. The brake is not connected. Check that and make sure the connection is secure.
  2. There is a mechanical jam in an axis preventing the motor from working correctly. Track down the jam and clear it.

Sometimes this is easier said than done. If you need service and support for your motor holding brake or any other Indramat equipment, call us now at (479) 422-0390. We are Indramat specialists and will get your machinery back up and running fast.