I Need a New Indramat Drive Manual!

You never thought you would need your drive manual. But still, when you first installed your Indramat motion control system, you safeguarded your manual with diligence. It sat in a clearly marked folder in an easy to reach drawer, ready to reference at a moments notice. You might have even thumbed through the manual a few times, just to firm up your understanding of your exciting new machinery.

A few years go by without your needing your Indramat drive manual, and that clearly marked folder makes its way to the back of the filing cabinet. You don’t know exactly where it is, but you could find it with relative ease.

A decade and desk change later, and you couldn’t find that manual if your life depended on it. Luckily, your system was still running strong, and you could contact Indramat directly if you have any problems.

Now it’s 20+ years later, your system is older than half of your employees, and Indramat no longer exists. You gave up on trying to locate your manual ages ago, but now you really need it. For some reason you weren’t able to memorize every Indramat error code, and now a strange jumble of letters and numbers is telling you that something needs fixing. But don’t fret. Requesting a new Indramat drive manual is pretty simple.

Two easy ways to get your hands on a new manual

  1. Fill out our handy online manual request form.
  2. Give us a call directly at (479) 422-0390

Problem solved. Of course, there are times when having a manual isn’t going to fix the problem with your drive, or repair your servo for you. For more hands-on support, you need us more than you need a manual.

We provide evaluation and measurement, Indramat repair, remanufacturing, retrofitting, you name it. We even have replacement legacy parts for when your component calls it kaput.

Feel free to start with a manual. Then when you need more help, you know where to find us.