How to Handle Your Indramat Servo Battery

Did you know that your Indramat servo motor has a battery? Indramat motors like the MKD and MKE series use a battery to store absolute position information. Since an Indramat servo battery has a 10-year lifespan, most people don’t have experience replacing them.

If Freddie – who was around when the system was first installed and took care of all your Indramat maintenance – replaced the battery a decade ago and retired last year, get ready to deal with your first battery replacement.

Indramat F248 Low battery voltage

An F248 error message indicates low battery voltage. You see this message generated once your Indramat servo battery falls below 2.8 volts.

Don’t panic, but act quickly. You only have a couple of weeks to change your battery before losing information, risking malfunction, and dealing with preventable downtime.

There are some things you should know about handling your Indramat battery.

Don’t heat your battery

You can’t use those tricks you use revive your triple A’s. Don’t stick your Indramat servo battery in your pocket or on a hot cook top to warm it up. Heating or other reactivation methods can cause explosion or corrosion.

Don’t charge your battery

Your battery isn’t rechargeable, and that’s OK. 10 years is a good, long life for a battery. Just buy a new one, and do not attempt to charge your Indramat servo battery as leakage and explosion can occur.

Don’t incinerate

Don’t toss your batteries into a fire. This should go without saying, but it’s worth mentioning.

Don’t take your battery apart

Save the tinkering for your home shop. Do not disassemble batteries.

Carefully install batteries

Make sure that your batteries are installed properly to prevent damaging equipment.

Don’t throw batteries in the trash

Always dispose of batteries – whether they’re powering your servo or your television remote – properly. Treat them as hazardous material.