How Long Do Indramat Motors Last?

Indramat motors last a very long time. The lifetime lubricated bearings found in Indramat motors have a ten year lifespan, but that doesn’t mean the lifespan of a servo motor stops at a decade. It’s common to see servos with the Indramat stamp running twenty-plus years after installation without ever requiring service.

Indramat’s brushless motor design, temperature monitoring, permanent magnets, lifetime lubricated bearings, fully enclosed construction, and unrivaled quality all contribute to this lasting power. The lifespan of a servo motor depends on a number of different factors, however.

Operating conditions

Industrial servo motors are by no means delicate, but they are affected by factory conditions:

  • motor temperatures
  • ambient temperature
  • humidity
  • vibration
  • pollution
  • numerous other environmental factors.

This is why it’s so important to control the environment in which your servos operate.


Improper installation can significantly reduce the lifespan of your Indramat motor. If your servo burns out after a few months, you can bet that the installation was the problem. Failure or improper installation of the cooling system will also negatively affect servo motor lifespan.


The more you ask of your servos, the shorter their lifespan will be. Higher speeds, torques, loads, and powers, are reflected in a shorter servo lifespan. Of course, incorrect use of machinery can also result in a premature motor failure.


Indramat servos don’t require much in the way of maintenance. You can’t actually service Indramat motors while they’re still on the machine. You can, however, still maintain the rest of your Indramat motion control system. The better shape that your machinery is in, the longer your servos will last.


Never look to third party Indramat repair. Only Indramat factory repair, or an Indramat reman, can guarantee that your motion control system will continue to run as it should. This is the best way to maximize the lifespan of your Indramat motors.

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