Hidden Dangers on the Factory Floor

The factory floor can be a dangerous place. However, the things that many people think of as being the most dangerous — fast-flying parts and the powerful movements of industrial machines — aren’t the most likely to cause accidents and injuries. Factory machinery is generally safe when it’s in good condition and used properly. The hidden dangers on the factory floor are the less obvious, and more likely, causes of accidents.

Most industrial machines require some type of safety barrier; this is what helps keep workers safe. The searching the U.S. Department of Labor website for accidents containing the word “robot” produces 42 results for serious injuries dating back to 1984. It’s when safety protocol is ignored — workers might reach into a dangerous area or disabled safety mechanisms to save time — that problems arise.

Poor knowledge of safety protocol

Make sure that everyone is trained and refreshed on proper safety protocol. Observe safety regulations for handling machinery and working on the floor.

Working harder rather than smarter

Moving parts, equipment, or boxes without the proper equipment can lead to muscle strains and other injuries.

Using tools that are “close enough”

Always use the right tool for the job and get the mechanical advantage whenever possible. Incorrect tools can damage machinery, slip, or lead to unnecessary exertion, which in turn may lead to injuries.

Getting in harm’s way

Putting hands where they’re not supposed to be is an honest mistake and an easy way to get hurt in the factory. Avoid placing hands near any moving parts, even door hinges, drawers, and wheels.

Not wearing safety equipment

Wear required protective clothing — such as safety glasses, steel toe boots, or gloves — at all times.

Not observing surroundings

Failing to identify hazards, such as standing under suspended loads, can lead to serious accidents in the workplace. Workers should be aware of their surroundings at all time.

Messy work areas

Workers should keep the work floor tidy. Spilled liquids, loose cords or cables, and work debris should be removed promptly.

It’s critical to eliminate as many of these dangers on the factory floor as possible. Routine maintenance and inspection of your Indramat system is an easy way to improve system performance and keep workers safe. Call 479-422-0390 preventive maintenance and inspection for your Indramat industrial motion control system. We also provide Indramat factory repair services and troubleshooting support. Call today or contact us online.