Get Your Indramat Manuals

Indramat manuals begin with a section explaining the nature and function of the component(s) they cover, including the theory behind its operation.  They go on to discuss specific application guidelines, from basic torque requirements to cabinet sizes. Next they discuss installation, start up, operation, maintenance, and specs. Often there are safety guides. There are plenty of line drawings and diagrams like the one on this page.

Not light reading, exactly, but very useful for figuring out what’s what with your Indramat components.

Error codes

Indramat manuals also often contain error codes. Sometimes the error codes are in separate troubleshooting documents, but they may also be in the ordinary Indramat manuals.

We’re happy to send you the manual you need. Fill out our simple form and be sure to specify the precise part number.

Once you have your manual…

As we say, we’re happy to send you a manual. We’ve noticed, however, that sending out a manual is often followed by a call for service after the manual has been received. The problem with Indramat components is that they so rarely break down or cause trouble that you probably don’t have anyone on your team who has any experience with them. You end up trying to figure things out with the manual and finding that you need more than just a manual.

So of course request a manual if you need one. But think twice about spending days trying to fix the problem yourself. We may be able to offer you phone support, and we probably have the parts you need on the shelf for immediate use. The cost to you of trying to figure things out yourself may not be worthwhile.

We provide factory repair and reman, bringing your components back to you as good as new, with a new warranty. Call for immediate assistance.