Free Repairs for Indramat Products Tomorrow: Don’t Fall for Cheap Tricks

Free beer tomorrow! Perhaps you’ve seen a sign with this saying mounted firmly on the wall behind the bar, or popping out of a mural in bright, bold letters on the side of a restaurant many years ago. Maybe you perked up with excitement before realizing the joke. Or maybe you showed up the next day only to be informed that the free beer comes tomorrow. Hopefully, you didn’t show up the following day.

It’s cheeky little gimmick that’s been used for decades. It’s not meant to mislead anyone or drum up business. Instead, it’s just a playful little folly that can start a conversation or bring an observant individual a chuckle. However, people do sometimes try cheap tricks to get some business.

Avoid these tricks if you’re looking for Indramat repair.

“Certified Indramat repair companies”

Calling this a trick is the polite way to put it. The most accurate word for a third party repair house’s claim to be a “certified Indramat repair company” is a lie.

Neither Indramat nor Bosch Rexroth— the company that now owns Indramat — has ever certified third parties.

Claiming to be a certified Indramat repair house isn’t like offering free beer tomorrow. It’s more like offering a patron a free beverage and then telling them they have to pay for it after they’ve finished their drink.

Third companies that make repairs using Indramat OEM parts

Indramat never distributed original Indramat parts to third parties. Bosch Rexroth does not sell authentic Indramat parts to anyone, either. This allows the company to control quality and maintain Indramat’s reputation for excellence.

So what does it mean if a third party repair house claims to make repairs using authentic Indramat parts?

  • It might be a false claim; instead, they use the generic equivalent to an OEM part.
  • They use OEM parts, but the parts could be very old and very worn.
  • They use salvaged OEM parts that were lifted off a defective drive or motor.

The lowest cost repair

Being the cheapest option isn’t necessarily a trick, but it influences the decision making process more than it should. By now, most people realize that you get what you pay for; that’s why you never get that free beer.

A third party repair house that boasts the lowest price most likely offers the lowest quality repair. Low quality repairs almost always lead to extra downtime, extra repairs, and extra financial cost. Downtime can cost tens of thousands of dollars — six figures if you’re a larger company.

An Indramat factory repair is your best option if you need to repair Indramat products. It’s the safest, fastest, most reliable, and most cost-effective way to repair Indramat drives, motors, and controls. All factory repaired units come back to you with either a one-year or two-year factory warranty.

Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat support. We offer Indramat factory repairs services with 24-hour turnaround.