Five Things That Can Cause Indramat Heat Errors

The hotter it is, the higher the risk for Indramat heat errors. Unscheduled downtime is frustrating and expensive. It’s also preventable to an extent. Taking care of your machinery and knowing what to look for can help you keep heat error codes from taking down your motion control system. Here are a few of the common causes for Indramat heat error codes.

Factory temperature

Make sure that you keep your factory at a reasonable temperature. Indramat servos are designed to operate within a specific temperature range. If the ambient temperature exceeds the maximum temperature rating, your servos age at an accelerated rate, performance suffers, and the risk for Indramat heat errors drastically increases.


It’s amazing how something as small and seemingly insignificant as dust can bring an industrial motion control system to its knees. Dirt, dust, debris, and other pollution commonly cause heat failures for Indramat systems.

Excessive buildup on servos causes your system to work harder, and makes it more difficult for your servos to dissipate heat. Dirty vents and fans also make it difficult for your machinery to get rid of heat.

A broken cabinet

Climate control cabinets keep your servos cool, but they also maintain an ideal environment for your machinery. Cabinets keep dirt, pollutants, and moisture away from your servos, and they prevent big swings in temperature that can create moisture from condensation.


A little maintenance can go a long way. Fix defective blowers and climate control cabinets as soon as they go out. Regularly clean vents, fans, and servos to prevent excess buildup. Indramat servos are virtually maitnenance free, but ti’s still a good idea to make sure that they stay in good condition.

All of the above

Sometimes it’s a combination of things that cause Indramat heat errors. Your climate control cabinet went out ages ago, and you’re trying to keep your servos cool with a large fan that’s just coating your machinery with dirt and debris. You haven’t performed any maintenance in years, and it’s hotter than the dickens.

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