Diagnosing Indramat Errors

Diagnosing Indramat errors

Imagine diagnosing Indramat errors without a diagnostic message. Is there a problem with the servo drive? Is your motor causing the issue? Maybe it’s the control. OK, so which part of the motor, drive, or control is causing the problem? The prospect of searching for the culprit is overwhelming, and spending hours looking for errors means loss in production.

While no one likes seeing an error code or warning message, the fact that Indramat systems provide you with this information is beneficial. These diagnostic messages are essential in diagnosing Indramat errors.

Diagnostic messages eliminate the guess work.

Most people don’t think of fault codes as a good thing, but there’s a silver lining to these error messages. Those error codes save time and money. Without diagnostic messages, you’re left to guess and check where the problem is rooted.

Diagnostic messages provide you with the information you need to quickly troubleshoot the problem and clear the error.

For example, an E250 error code indicates that there’s a problem with the drive; more specifically, the drive is overheating. The exact cause of an drive overtemperature warning could be the fan, a defective air conditioning cabinet, or incorrect switchgear cabinet dimensioning.

This shortlist let’s you know where to start troubleshooting. Remember, the Indramat troubleshooting guide lists remedial actions for error codes in descending order from most likely to least likely. This means that you should start with the first remedial action and work your way down the list.

Diagnosing Indramat errors vs. clearing those errors

Diagnosing Indramat errors is easy because you don’t have to have to waste time and effort through trial and error. Error codes and diagnostic messages provide you with the information you need to identify the issue quickly.

Of course, actually resolving the error isn’t always simple.

Fortunately, we provide the knowledge, expertise, and experience to clear your Indramat fault codes ASAP. Call 479-422-3090 today for Indramat repair, maintenance, or any of your Indramat service needs. We have the nation’s largest supply of replacement units and charter flights are available when you need on-site support fast.