Finally, a Robotic Shopping Cart

There’s nothing more upsetting than the current state of shopping carts in the world. It’s bad enough that we have to leave our homes, drive to the grocery store, and select our own groceries – which we don’t actually have to do any more – but then we have to push, and pull, and struggle with the weight of a wobbly-wheeled grocery cart. It’s humiliating. If only someone would solve this crisis. If only the world had robotic shopping carts!

There are certainly bigger problems in the world than having to push a cart around. But it’s a problem that Walmart and Five Elements Robotics deemed worthy of solving.

DASH is a robotic shopping cart designed to make the customer’s shopping experience easier, and also more enjoyable. While DASH looks like it’s simply a bin on wheels that would follow you around like a lost puppy as you shop, it’s actually much more.

Grocery guide

Rather than just follow you blindly as you search for the light bulb aisle, DASH can actually guide you to specific items. DASH could allow shoppers the option to upload a shopping list, and then automatically go to the desired items. So instead of being chased by a robotic shopping cart, you get to chase your groceries around the store! This could be a hit with the Paleo crowd, who might relish the chance to track down their own food.

In all seriousness, this is a neat idea. We’ve all experienced difficulty finding items in the store, and this could be a practical solution.

Better than the express lane

DASH also claims that it will be able to eliminate the need to stand in check out lines. Customers will be able to scan items as they place them in the cart, and then pay for the items at the cart rather than wait in a line. There are definitely people out there who can’t stand waiting in line, and this is an appealing option.

Smart shopping

It’s not all about making things better for the customer, though. DASH will collect data and information about consumer shopping habits, and deliver targeted ads based on buying history. This definitely a selling point for stores.

Clean up on aisle 3

There are some obstacles getting in the way of robotic shopping carts. Literally, there will be physical obstacles like other shoppers, other carts, changing environments, etc. It could be a while before Automated shopping carts are actually in stores. And while robotic shopping carts aren’t exactly necessary, it’s definitely a cool idea!