Don’t Be Afraid of Error Codes

It’s October 13th, which means Halloween is approaching. There will of course be a bevy of creepy creatures running around. You will probably see zombies lumbering down streets, mummies cutting through alleys, and vampires devouring candy by the handful. As terrifying as those monstrosities are, they don’t conjure half the fear that error codes do.

Indramat error codes have been known to send even the toughest factory owners running. An indiscernible jumble of letters and numbers that say nothing more than doom approaches. At least, that’s the impression error codes give if you’re not familiar with them.

E and F error codes

E and F type error codes are some of the more common ones. An F error code will typically result in your drive shutting down. E error codes serve as a warning, letting you know that you need to fix something or else your drive will shut down.

Here’s a look at some error codes and what they are trying to tell you:

  • F207 – Switching to an Uninitialized Operating Mode
  • F219 – Motor Overtemperature Shutdown
  • F229 – Motor Encoder Error: Quadrant Error
  • F630 – Travel Limit Value Exceeded
  • E253 – Target Position Out of Range
  • E256 – Torque Limit Value = 0
  • E825 – Overvoltage Warning

Not all error codes are going to be serious issues. There are codes for failures, but there are also codes that act as warnings, letting you know that something should be repaired before there is a failure. Even the failure codes aren’t necessarily something to freak out about. Many are simple repairs that don’t require much downtime.

The next time you see an error code, don’t panic. It’s not the ghost of some expired servomotor trying to communicate with you, or some ancient curse that has been converted to be compatible with Indramat drives. It just means that you need to give us a call for a factory repair. We can get your facility back up and running fast.