Indramat Error Codes F629 and F630

Indramat error codes F629 and F630 are two sides of the same coin. Here’s a little bit of information about these fault codes, and what you should do to fix them.

What causes error F269 and error F230?

A travel limit refers to the position boundaries that an axis can safely operate in. Indramat error F629 indicates that the positive travel limit value is exceeded. Indramat error F630 indicates that the negative travel limit value is exceeded.

These fault codes appear if the drive receives a command value that takes the axis position beyond either the positive travel limit or the negative travel limit.

Travel range errors can sometimes cause confusion. People wonder why they see travel limit errors when their systems never exceeded the permissible range.

Your device doesn’t actually have to travel beyond the limits to generate these errors. The drive receives the command values and recognizes that they are outside of the travel range, so the machine shuts down to prevent damage or injury.

How to fix these Indramat error codes

The remedial actions for F629 and F630 are pretty much the same. You need to check the parameters and the controller software limits. Clear the error, reactivate the power, and move the axis within the travel range.

If the command values don’t bring the axis within the permissible working range, the drive will stop again.

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