Electric Longboards

Servo motors can be found in some surprising places. Many everyday items use servos for motion control. It’s those little motors that allow you to watch a DVD, brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush, or roll down your car windows. Servos are extremely common, but they’re not limited to those humdrum everyday items.

Ever since Marty McFly first evaded Biff on a hoverboard, kids and adults alike have dreamt of cruising around on a powered board. Although there have been elaborate hoverboard hoaxes, and even actual hoverboards in the works, They’re not really something most people can get their hands on.

But there’s another kind of powered board that is much easier to get your hands on. Electric longboards don’t hover, but they do allow you to move around with the power of servo motors.

Boosted Boards has designed a longboard that uses two brushless DC servo motors to carry the user over 20 miles per hour.

A board that’s powered by electricity needs high torque servo motors in order to work. When you think about it, there’s a lot of weight that has to be moved around. Servo motors pack enough power in a little package to move a person around without compromising the design of the board.

Brushless servo motors are an obvious choice for something like an electric longboard. You need to be able to regulate speed on any type of motorized transportation, and you have to be able to control speed remotely. Brushless servos are suited perfectly for both of those needs.

Variable speed control and remote control are also why brushless servos are great for industrial motion control and automation.

Brushless motors have been around since the 70’s. Indramat’s brushless servo debuted in 1979 and soon became the standard for industrial automation. Industrial machinery may not has the same curb appeal as something like a motorized longboard, but it is certainly more impressive and definitely more important.

Since that machinery is so important, you need to be sure that it is properly taken care of. If you have any Indramat repair or service needs, contact us right away.